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Brake system in winter

If you have installed on your bike hydraulic, then unfortunately such an accessory will constantly blunt while riding in sub-zero temperatures. All because the physical properties of the brake fluid are constantly changing, due to which it will be more and more difficult to perform braking each time, especially if you consider that the bicycle will be used in the winter time period. Therefore, you should be prepared for the fact that the hydraulics will let you down. It is also important to note that cyclists who have vibrrakes should be much more cautious because of the fact that the vibrrakes will always get clogged with snow. Moreover, because of such problems, the cyclist will basically not be able to use the brakes properly, roughly speaking. He will have to ride virtually without them because of the accumulated snow. That is why, no expert categorically recommend that such bikes do not ride on the pavement in the winter, because all this can end rather pitiable. From all this we conclude that the hydraulic has many more advantages, which will provide you with even though quite difficult, but still a trip in the snow.


The bushings, the carriage shaft, the chain and the sprockets all represent the main elements that you should pay close attention to during the winter, or rather, all of these should be replaced. In order to ride safely in winter, it is recommended to use special lubricants designed specifically for low temperatures, because thanks to such an accessory, the average cyclist will not even notice the difference of riding in winter or summer. What about the chain? For it will need to use a special Teflon grease, and it is recommended to adhere to some rules of application of the fluid, namely you should apply a thin layer of grease, so that they can consistently work out.

I will not hide the fact that those beginners who first decided to ride a bike in the cold season, as soon as they get on their iron horse the first thing they will replace is that the bike is very oaky, cold and clumsy. In this case, do not count on the fact that you will be able to ride a bike as in the summer, because you may even have a problem with shifting gears, especially when the bike was stored in a cold, not warm room.

It is worth noting that it often happens with brake gears so that they simply can stop responding in the winter, that is, stop shifting. In this case, it is recommended to put a chain on the middle sprockets, located on the connecting rods, and on the cassette. Moreover, the best way will be to ride on the same ratio of gears, so the cyclist will improve the performance of the brake gears and reduce the risk of unexpected breakage of the accessories. Of course, despite the fact that the bike in the cold season needs additional maintenance, you can still get real pleasure from riding your iron horse in winter. And all because even if you fall, you will still hit a snowdrift, and not on the mud. =)

A little about storing bicycle in the house in winter

Bicycle storage is a very important part of riding in the winter, and all because it is not recommended to store your bike in an unheated room, but even in cases where the bike is stored in a warm house, before you get on it and ride in the snow, you need to let it cool down. That is, before anywhere to go on his iron horse, it is initially necessary to take it outdoors and wait ten minutes. Since it is not necessary to go at once. Moreover, after a long trip, upon returning home do not immediately wash the bike and clean it from the snow, because this can cause damage to many of its components. Therefore, when you return home, let the bike to stand, and the snow to melt, otherwise the sudden changes in temperature can disable many of the mechanisms, as well as damage the frame. Many experts also recommend buying quality plastic soft brushes in order to clear snow in the most labor-intensive areas.

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