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 What equipment you need to buy for riding in the winter

When riding a bicycle in the winter, an important factor in preparing for such a ride will be to pay attention to the equipment, so as not to get cold yourself and not to get sick, which is very easy to do in sub-zero temperatures on a bicycle. I note that when riding in the cold, the cyclist will freeze all those parts of the body that are practically immobilized. Initially, it is worth taking care of the hands, because while riding you will constantly freeze the fingertips, and this is fraught with many problems, so it is worth buying quality warm gloves for cycling. After that, pay attention to your feet. Feet, constantly located on the pedals, and the pedals are made of metal, which in turn is very hard to sulk while in sub-zero temperatures, which is why it is recommended to buy thick shoes with a good sole.

More about gloves. If you are going to buy gloves for riding in the winter on your bike, then pay attention to the fact that this accessory should not be too thick, but it must keep warm. The fact is that with your gloved hands you will have to constantly control your handlebars to keep your balance, and with thick gloves your movements will be restricted. Today, many cycling gloves are designed for temperatures of minus five degrees, but you can still find gloves warmer, and when the lowest temperatures to minus 20 - 30 degrees, it is recommended to put on top of conventional cycling gloves one more, larger.

Thermal underwear. We have already written about the benefits of thermal underwear in a recent article, so those who do not know what it is, we recommend reading the article entitled "HOW TO CHOOSE thermal underwear. So, thermal underwear is perfect for those who are going to go to the city in sub-zero temperatures on a bicycle, as multifunctional underwear perfectly keeps warm and does not waste excessive human energy on warming the body. At the same time, today there are thermal underwear with the addition of different materials, rather than pure synthetics, such as with the addition of wool or cotton, materials that allow you to feel much more comfortable. Once you have decided on thermal underwear, you need to understand what is best to put on top of such underwear. It is recommended to wear materials made of fleece on top of multi-purpose underwear at low temperatures. Fleece is an excellent material that wicks away moisture and has excellent temperature retention properties. But it is worth noting that these materials are of course not as cheap as we would like, but still you can find the most expensive material. That said. The topmost layer of clothes "winter cyclist" should not be breathable.

Thermal insulation of the head.

In order to keep your head warm while cycling in the snow, it is recommended to buy a ski helmet, as it has all the features that will protect your head from various possible diseases due to low temperatures. Naturally, the ski helmet can not afford to buy everyone, so you can simply do Balaklava, scarf and insulated hat.

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