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Books and Magazines:

The Party’s Over:
Oil, War, and the Fate of Industrialized Societies
by Richard Heinberg      Published by New Society
The world is running out of oil and this will soon change the way we live and almost everything we do. Transportation, agriculture, human settlement patterns, economics...all will be hugely effected. Will this be a horrific crisis or a profound opportunity to finally embrace the goal of sustainability? This book outlines things we all should know regarding energy production and consumption, history of oil and oil politics and the huge upcoming event known as “World Peak Oil”.  A must-read book about one of the most important topics of our times and crucial background information for any serious advocate of bicycle transportation.

For more info on The Party's Over

Power Down: Options and Actions for a Post-Carbon World
by Richard Heinberg   Published by New Society
Heinberg’s sequel to his best-selling “The Party’s Over”. PowerDown takes a  fearless look at the possible scenarios for our future civilization, as we try to make due with a dwindling supply of our most important energy resource: oil.  Read this book , be proactive, and start preparing for a very different future.
For more info on Power Down visit:

VeloVision (magazine)
A beautiful, glossy quarterly magazine about the culture of cycling worldwide -- bike advocacy, adnventurous bike travel, bike art. Also lots of info on recumbents, load-carrying bikes, folding bikes, etc.  For more info or to subscribe visit:

Adbusters (magazine)
Articles, art and mock advertisements elegantly critique our horribly consumerist cultures. Many issues of this magazine focus attention on traffic, car addiction, and transportation alternatives.

Carbusters (magazine)
International magazine covers Reclaim the Streets movement, anti-road building campaigns, car-walking etc.

Critical Mass: Bicycling's Defiant Celebration!
A wonderful book of essays about Critical Mass.

Street Reclaiming by David Engwicht
Engwicht is a visionary when it comes to cities and traffic.
His insights are brilliant, poetic and make you think deeply
about how our streets and neighborhoods could best serve our human needs.
Illustrated with many of Engwicht's own whimsical sketches."
available from

Momentum Magazine
Momentum Magazine: The magazine for self- propelled people,
which reflects and amplifies bike culture.

Other Great Books...

Geography of Nowhere
  by James Kunstler.
Eloquent and engaging discussion/critique of urban America, architecture and transportation.

The Bicycle  by Pryor Dodge
Lovely photos and text show off Dodge's famous antique bicycle collection.

Bike Cult by David Perry.
A great resource on bike history, bike culture, bike music, bike inventions, etc.

On Your Bicycle   by Jim McGurn.
Wonderful photos and tales tell of the "golden age" of cycling (late 20th Century).

How I Learned to Ride the Bicycle  by Frances Willard.
A Victorian woman learns to ride a bike at the age of 53. A quick read, saturated with great jhistorical information and pithy observations. A must for anyone interested in a balanced perspective of history.

Asphalt Nation  by Jane Holtz Kay.
Analysis of car dependence and hopes for a better future.

Chasing Rickshaws  by Toney Wheeler and Richard l'Anson.
Beautiful coffee table book presents yummy photos of beautiful bicycle taxis from around the world.

Divorce Your Car   by Katie Alvord
You can do it!


Some Good Sources to Get Books:

Detour Publications
Big Selection of books and videos about bikes, sustainable transport, car-free cities, urban design, etc.
...or your locally owned bookstore.

Want to know more about Critical Mass?
This excellent website will give you the What, When, Where, How, and Why of Critical Masses in the U.S. and around the World!

Worldwide Critical Mass Hub www.michaelbluejay. com/cm/index.html  

Bicycle Advocacy Organizations...

Center for Appropriate Transport.
An incredible mix of bike-related activity goes on here. There are classes in bike building, bike-education for youth, cargo bike courier service, bike rentals, publishing and resource library. It's the most interesting bike advocacy center in the U.S. (Eugene, OR). Bicycle designs by Human Powered Machines are built here. They make cargo, folding, and recumbent bikes. For an example go to About Ted on this site to see picture of Ted and Katie on Long Haul cargo bike built there.

League of American Bicyclists.
The country's oldest bike advocacy organization, and a good link to locate your local and regional bike advocacy groups.

Need help getting your city to promote better walking and biking facilities?
Contact Dan Burden and his group walkable communities.


Reccomended Movies and Multimedia

Taken for a Ride - Movie
Fascinating tale of how big oil and auto companies killed public transit in the US.

Shaping San Francisco - CD-Rom
Radical exploration of Bay Area history told by the one's who lived through it. Interesting and diverse interviews as well as researched information. All explore the events that shaped San Francisco into what it is today.
One of the Shaping SF creators Chris Carlsson is also featured in We Are Traffic.







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