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An award-winning  film and videomaker for over 15 years, Ted White has for the last several years focused on making documentaries which promote экскурсия в алмазный фонд transportation alternatives with an emphasis on bicycles.

Besides making films, White was the Executive Director and co-founder of the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition (2001-2003) and worked at the Center for Appropriate Transport in Eugene, Oregon  (1994-96) where he helped develop several bicycle education projects for youth.



He has written and photographed on cycling issues for several publications including Adbusters, Bike Culture Quarterly, Mothering, Oregon Cycling, California Bicyclist and others.

Ted White's lecture/presentation "Unwelcome on Our Own Streets"  covers the social, industrial, and environmental history and future of bicycling and is available for bookings at colleges and museums.

"Unwelcome on Our Own Streets" uses the backdrop of bicycling history to provide fascinating insight into evolving technologies, changing roles of women and offers an inspiring discourse on creating sustainable cities in the 21st century.

The presentation includes excerpts of Return of the Scorcher and We Are Traffic!  And by special arrangement Ted White will also bring examples of his unique bicycle collection for audiences to view and try out!



To arrange a presentation of  "Unwelcome on Our Own Streets" at a college or museum, contact Speak Out!, the agency which handles booking.

Speak Out! represents a wide variety of speakers and artists including Noam Chomsky, Helen Caldicott, Howard Zinn, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Tom Tomorrow, and many others.

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