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A Movie about Critical Mass

50 minute documentary directed by Ted White

The films We Are Traffic! and Return of the Scorcher
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What types of bike locks are available

Nowadays, absolutely every bicycle accessory company, and in particular locks, has a number of pros and cons to use, so we will now learn about what kind of lock to keep your bicycle safe you should buy:

  The most popular bike lock in the world, is the U-shaped all-metal arc lock. The main advantage of this accessory is the difficulty of its opening, all because this lock cannot be bought with powerful pliers, and trying to saw it with a hacksaw will be possible only after a long time. The disadvantages are its weight and size; unfortunately, it cannot be coiled or attached to a big thick post or tree. But with all that said, you yourself should understand that no near thief will intentionally come with powerful pliers or a metal saw to steal your velotransport, unless of course you have left your iron friend somewhere in a deserted place for a whole week.

The second most polar is the chain lock, which is also considered very secure compared to other accessories. At the same time, a big plus of this lock will be its convenience and mobility, it is very fast and easy to fold, it is difficult to saw or to bite with powerful pliers. But you should also pay your attention to the fact that you should have a polymer or special case for the chain to prevent it from ringing while moving. Such an accessory can have a completely different length, which is selected under the bike itself. The disadvantages of such an accessory is that it has quite a lot of weight, as well as it is not very convenient to put or lock.

 The third in the list of the most popular types of locks are cable locks, in which the cable is cast in a polymer shell and itself supports the shape of the spiral. This type of lock is pretty easy and pleasant to wear through the frame, at the same time the risk of frame damage is reduced. It is also worth noting that such lock with a cable length of 1.2 meters allows you to fix several bikes at a time and avoid possible theft of bicycles. Moreover, today in modern stores you can buy models of locks with their own attachment to the bike. At the same time, it is important to know that such an accessory is not served by ordinary pliers, because the cable can be bitten only with professional wire cutters, which are not just inconvenient to discreetly carry with you, but also difficult to use them.

Moving on to the last type of lock on our list, namely locks with special codes and keys. But I would recommend to use only the code locks, because the key locks have a number of disadvantages and opportunities to open them, it is clear for what reasons, and the code locks have good reliability and are very difficult to open. The code locks are also the most popular among the best types of locks for securing your bicycle because unlike the key accessories, you do not need to carry keys with you all the time and you can come up with absolutely any code complexity that no one but you can open.

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