How to protect a bicycle from theft

In today's world, bicycle theft has become a real problem among absolutely all models of bicycles, because no matter how well you have prepared your bike's security system, there is always a huge risk of theft. In today's article, we will look at the most popular methods of bike theft, and talk in detail about the best way to keep your iron friend safe from thieves.

What methods of theft are used by thieves

Anti-theft system on a bicycle. Unfortunately, statistics show that at the moment, the more people start cycling, the more often bicycle theft occurs and it is difficult to argue with this. To obtain statistics, we turned to experts who collected statistics based on police data (although even this result is quite different from reality). But, according to the study, it was found that the most popular bicycle theft, is the theft of the bike in entrances, vestibules and storage rooms. So if you want to leave your iron friend in the hallway or the entrance, then on the basis of this statistic - you can do this in any case, because experienced thieves know these places like the 5 fingers and can steal your bike in seconds. For example, many people leave their iron horse in the hallway on special mounts. Of course, this method of bike storage can seem quite uncomfortable, but at the same time, if everything is done correctly bike will not interfere with the owner of the apartment, and most importantly, no one can take it away without your permission. Also, a good way to store the bike will be a balcony or loggia, as the bike at least will not be in the interior of the apartment, which will feel a weighty purity in the house.

How to properly protect your bike from theft

One of the most banal, but objective solutions is - never under any circumstances, do not part with your iron friend. Of course it is not that difficult to do so, it is almost unrealistic, but if the owner of the bike will always be vigilant, the chances of a potential theft are significantly reduced.

Rule 1: Few people know, but when you go to the police station in connection with the theft of the bike, it is very difficult for law enforcement officials to determine the appearance of the bike on the usual description, while, it will also be quite difficult to find your iron horse around town, even if the police will deal with this issue. Therefore, one of the main rules of bike theft security, is that the owner has a record or photo of the serial number of the bike (Note that the serial number can be found on the bottom of the bike carriage). Also, it is necessary to be responsible enough to address this issue, since the best way is not only to photograph the serial number, but also to make, a few pictures of the individual features of the bike, namely to capture the stickers, scratches, replaced parts. It is also worth paying attention to all the additional accessories that were purchased at the time of purchase velotransporta, namely: passport, stickers, boxes, labels, warranty certificate. Some people even specifically require a receipt from the owner of the bike that this or that person has sold his product at a certain price to you. Such small features to increase the chance of finding the bike will allow the police to find a stolen bicycle faster and prove that it is yours.

Rule 2: You should never store your bike in various stairwells, vestibules, or storage rooms. This is because experienced thieves have long known where they should go to find things that can be stolen and where they shouldn't. What's more, storage rooms and stairwells will allow burglars to get into your bike as unnoticed as possible. There is also a potential risk that your vestibule neighbors someday by a ridiculous accident will forget to lock the vestibule door, and at that moment any thief passing by can take advantage of the moment and steal your iron friend. That's why you shouldn't keep your iron friend in doubtful places, especially for a long time.

Rule 3. Many modern experts advise to buy a special reliable bike lock that allows you to strap your iron friend wherever it will be convenient for you, especially it is relevant to use if you often go to the stores or leave the bike on the street in front of your work. 


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